Kusky Services has a 90 day retention rate of 85%.  That means something.  It means we have done our work on the front end so you don't have to keep doing it on the back end.  We can be a Trusted Adviser as it pertains to retention, recruitment, regulation and reputation.  


If employees are a company's greatest asset, then recruitment must be one of it's highest priorities.  A mistake in hiring costs time, money, morale and results in loss of opportunity. To help mitigate your risk we can provide a pool of pre-screened candidates based upon several categories.  Moreover our candidates are tested for motivation, reliability and dependability. When you interview one of our candidates you can be sure that they are capable of doing the job and this is the job they want.  Additionally, to help with some of the initial on boarding costs you may qualify for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.  



How do you demonstrate that your company is an Equal Opportunity Employer?  Are you a Federal Contractor?  How can you fulfill your obligation to hire a certain percentage of people with disabilities?  This is where we come in.  We can provide and connect your company to resources that will help ensure compliance.  For example, do some of your employees need assistive technology but you find it cost prohibitive?  We connect you with agencies that can help pay for it.    

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You care about your community.  You want your workforce to be as diverse as the communities you serve.  You want your customers to know that you care about providing employment opportunities for everyone.  Especially for those with disabilities.   That's good Corporate Citizenship.  We can help you get that message out and get the people in.  We do that through multiple pathways : networking with local schools, colleges, Centers for Independent Living, Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies and the Social Security Administration.  We can also conduct Job Fairs, Skills Assessments, Campaigns and Career Pathing.