Vocational Rehabilitation

People matter.  People are capable.  Everybody can do something.  Our role is to help them find that "something" and overcome any artificial barriers society may place in their way.   You care about your people.  We care about them, too.  This is why we do what we do. 



Since January 2014 Kusky Services has been providing Vocational Rehabilitation Services.  We have worked with Michigan Rehabilitation Services as well as the Bureau of Services for Blind Persons and the Social Security Administration.  We have collaborated with fellow VR Service providers such as New Horizons, AAA Interpreting Services, The Disability Network, Mott Community College and others. We have experience in working with visual impairments, hearing impairments, cognitive, social and behavioral disabilities, anxiety, depression, muscular distrophy, addictions, TBIs, amputees and other physical disabilities.  We also have experience in overcoming other types of barriers: criminal backgrounds, active substance abuse, rural geography, transportation issues, lack of or intermittent work history and domestic turmoil.  To accomplish this, a combination of several skills and philosophies are utilized including Motivational Interviewing, Allen Anderson, Axiom and 7 Touch Methodology.   



Kusky Services has a 90 day retention rate of 85%  Of the 15% who didn't make it, half were self terminating and the other half were laid off due to no fault of their own.  We have placed people in entry level jobs such as janitorial, retail and restaurant work as well as industrial engineers, directors of customer service and business to business sales —and everything in between.  We have also helped people become self-employed subcontractors working from home. Please read some of our customer testimonials to get a glimpse of of their satisfaction with our level of service.


Pre-employment Training and consulting

Do you give someone a fish or teach them to fish?  Kusky Services can provide a comprehensive Job Readiness Regimen that can be tailored to cognitive ability and professional experience.  In other words, we can train dishwashers to engineers on how to gain employment appropriate to them.  Please contact us for a detailed description of our packages.  


Placement Services

Job Placement services may include permanent full-time, permanent part-time, temp to hire, contract and self-employment.  We accomplish this through consistent and transparent communication between customers, counselors and Kusky Services.  Moreover we apply a proprietary process of nascent job market penetration, current business to business relationships and hiring process pattern interrupts.  Essentially, we cut through the white-noise to make sure your customers get their time to shine.


post-employment followup

Our job doesn't stop once theirs starts. Our role is to ensure your customer's long-term success.  To that end we can provide co-worker mediation, gauge and instill customer motivation, job coaching and consulting on accommodations.